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TEN-06 offers services that are addressed to the enterprise that needs to use technology to support its operations, aiming at reducing costs, increasing its clientele and modernising its products and services.
TEN-06 officers posses a vast experience in managing companies where the need was their re-engineering so as to pursue profitability and business development

The market for TEN-06 consists of companies and organisations operating the travel, transportation, primary and secondary production, and services sectors. For those enterprises, TEN-06 uses the technology as the tool for the optimisation of their performance.

Change Management for TEN-06

The re-engineering of an enterprise is a continuous process, since the enterprise is a live entity within its industrial community. In its course, Εxternal Conditions (such as legal framework, competition, existing and future industry frameworks, unforeseen events like coronavirus) as well as Internal Factors (such as development/ decrease of business, mergers/ acquisitions, company mentality, improvement/ decline of a product or service), lead to Opportunities or Threats and call for the need of partial or full Change of the enterprise.

change management

The design and the eventual finalisation of the change plan, requires the adequate study of the parameters that affect its financial and commercial results.

TEN-06 focuses in modernising the enterprise, effecting on its Strategy, its Operational Structure, the Human Factor and the use of Technology.

change management



Re-organisation and Human Resources planning

The Digital Transformation of an enterprise can be achieved when the right operational changes have been designed, which has a direct effect on the organisational structure and the roles of the Human Resources. Thus, the most significant parameter for the successful transformation of the organisation and the exploitation of technology, is the human factor. In this area, TEN-06 offers the following services categories:

  • Consulting services for the formulation of the right strategy, in cooperation with the management of the enterprise
  • Design of the organisational chart and structure which is necessary to support the new mode of operation.
  • Design of a full plan of coaching services concerning all levels of hierarchy within the organisation
  • Design of a comprehensive training programme concerning familiarisation with new technologies and the apprehension of the new roles assigned.

Technology enhancements

TEN-06 designs along with the enterprise the right specifications that match the needs of the company, with the single aim to lead to increased profitability, better customer service, increased customer reach and optimal decision making support. Based on these specs, selects the method, the tools to be used and the corresponding technology providers. The development of the right solutions can be done by the IT personnel of the company or in associations with the technology providers. The benefits for the enterprise are:

  • The technology solutions selected are the ones that are needed by the company
  • The solutions selected adapt to the abilities (business line, investment capacity) of the company
change management

E-business & access to new markets

The internet facilitates the access to new markets, however requiring the right preparation and design, in order to fully exploit this channel. The designed websites are interfaced with the rest of the transactional systems of the company or multiple companies, emphasising on end-2-end automation and monitoring, as well as on customer experience.

  • TEN-06 undertakes the design of websites for comprehensive applications
  • B2C
  • B2B
  • Marketplaces
  • Intracompany communication and collaboration

Strategy Formulation

ΤΕΝ-06 undertakes the design of the strategy of the enterprise in cooperation with its management in a holistic approach, considering its position, its mode of operation and the environment in which it will function.

strategy formulation

Decision Making, Cost Reduction and increase of profits

The process digitization facilitates the extraction of metrics for each stage of the operation of the enterprise. Thus, it offers objective tools for the decision making, leading to minimization of cost, increase of the clientele and the returns of investments made.

  • Process digitization
  • Collection of data in a DWH
  • Business Intelligence

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